The message — we should accept climate change and work along with it, not around it

ITB Berlin 2021 — virtual edition. Copyright: Berlin Messe GmbH

Last week’s ITB — Berlin’s International Tourism Fair was an important event, even though it was virtually organized due to the pandemic. The event originally brings together the travel industry in one place. The trends and novelties are communicated, old partnerships celebrated, new ones forged, and excitement of being part of this dynamic industry shared.

I used to visit travel fairs regularly when I began working as a B2B Contract Manager in 2005 for a travel company in Croatia that was making big entry to the market.

For a few years, I found myself working tirelessly during spring and summer…

It is time for a discussion about standpoint shift for hoteliers and similar accommodation providers

Photo by Taylor Simpson on Unsplash

The Covid times have taken a whole lot from our lives, but they have also shed light on some new stuff as well. Many of us have been forced to rotate sharply from their standpoints.

This is challenging, even frightening, but also very welcome.

In this article, I discuss this standpoint shift for hoteliers and similar accommodation providers.

The new possibilities await around the corner once the pandemic finally gets under control, but how we’ll identify what is necessary to welcome the post-covid guest —…

This is the story of global decline that happened during just one lifetime, through the eyes of a great man - David Attenborough

Photo by Ethan Dow on Unsplash

Netflix recently aired a new documentary film by David Attenborough, “A Life on our Planet”, that speaks up about climate change.

David Attenborough is a legendary British filmmaker who has dedicated his whole life to exploring and documentation of nature and the world we live in. 93 years is a long time in human eyes, but it is just a glimpse into history and nature.

The documentary “A Life on our Planet” is Sir Attenborough’s lifetime achievement, and he himself calls it his own witness statement and vision of the future. This is the story of global decline that happened…

Natalia Kresic Loncar

Educated and worked in tourism, certified in sustainable tourism, an explorer of positive future options concerning environment, society and culture.

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